John Allen


John is certified to teach Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety and is a Chief Range Safety Officer.  While teaching shooting classes since 2017 John has had hundreds of students both youth and adults. He is the former shooting sports director for the local Boy Scout Camp and the Scout council shooting sports committee chairman.  With a firm belief of Safety-first and foremost, John works with each student individually to develop their knowledge of firearm safety and use.
George Valentine - Instructor

George Valentine


George is a certified NRA Pistol instructor who has extensive experience in competitive pistol shooting and is active in local IDPA and USPSA matches. He has been a member of a local church's Safety Team for the last eight years. George has spent his professional life working for a major energy supply company as an Engineering Technical Consultant for the last 36 years.
Jeff Coiner - Instructor

Jeff Coiner


Jeff is a lifelong recreational shooter and USMC veteran who has spent the last 5+ years on a Church Safety Team. As an experienced instructor and coach for firearm safety, marksmanship, and shooting sports Jeff brings a great skill level to the team. Jeff is currently teaching NRA courses in Basic Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun marksmanship and focuses on the necessary fundamentals with his students.
Todd Long - Instructor

Todd Long


Todd is an NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Pistol Instructor, and has had Crisis Intervention Team training. Todd currently serves as a full-time Professional Firefighter EMT and instructs at the fire academy as well as teaching fire and life safety education for ages five to adult. He earned his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and continues to enhance his credentials by furthering his training with many recognized leaders in firearms instruction.

John Kochensparger

John Kochensparger

Education Director

John Kochensparger has spent his entire career in law enforcement and security since 1973 with more than 21 contiguous years as a school director and trainer in private security services (VA DCJS 88-1190). The other highlights include, in chronological order: 

  • U. S. Army Military Police, 
  • Sergeant, 
  • Investigator and Physical Security Inspector; 
  • Armed security officer as a college student; 
  • Police Officer, City of Alexandria, VA; 
  • National trainer; 
  • Corporate security director Washington, DC; 
  • Electronic security; 
  • Administrator at the VA Department of Criminal Justice Services.

                    PC Hecker - Instructor

                    Philip C. Hecker


                    Phillip C Hecker has 20 plus years’ experience in the government and security arena. He is certified as a Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun expert. Is a NRA Certified Instructor, he brings safety to the table while educating you on all levels of defense and situational awareness. As one of the leaders in Situational Awareness development, he brings a level of skill to the table that is rarely experienced in the Self- Protection and Defense arena.

                    Course Catalog

                    welcome to the COURSE CATALOG

                    Have a group? We offer private classes to groups with a minimum of 10 people. Your group can either come to our academy or our instructors can come to you! Contact Us to schedule today!


                    The Beginner Handgun Course teaches basic handling of a handgun at a local range.

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                    The Intermediate Handgun Course is a half-day live fire continuation course of the Beginner Handgun Course.

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                    The Advanced Handgun Course is a full-day live fire continuation course of the Intermediate Handgun Course.

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                    The Concealed Carry/Gun Safety Course fulfills the requirement necessary to apply for a Virginia Resident Concealed Handgun Permit.

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                    Can you observe your surroundings and prevent an attack before it happens? Situational Awareness will help you see the world with new eyes.

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                    The Women's Self Defense Workshop is a full-day event. Come learn self defense and situational awareness in a fun group setting.

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                    NRA Basic Rifle 
                    Shooting Course

                    Do you have the the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to safely handle a rifle? Learn now from a 

                    NRA Certified Instructor.

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                    NRA Basic Shotgun 

                    Shooting Course

                    Shotgun Shooting Course is a class where students develop the knowledge & skills necessary to safely use a shotgun to shoot moving targets.

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                    Our Self Defense Training Program is currently being redeveloped. Please contact us for more information on the next session.

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